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Magic Encyclopedia 3: Illusions

Help Catherine save the Magic Academy from a fate worse than foreclosure in Magic Encyclopedia 3: Illusions, a new hidden object adventure with an extra layer of visual trickery. What you see is not always what you get!
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Contoare: 65/37
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In simi valley lrbraiy they have magician classess that start out simple and get harder as u movement. i reflect they subdue have the classess. it is taught by a wonderful magician teacher who is funand friendly he will teach u every business. you should realy look in to it if your near by its a wonderful class that i have taken my self. i am a magician now and i approve of that class. look it up on and type simi valley lrbraiy classess. trust em you wont regret taking the class. i hope you live near simi valley! HOPE I HELPED! xo xo alice cullen[thats my signature]

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