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Caelum is an arcade game that mixes elements of Pachinko and Breakout. To win, all you have to do is destroy the red orbs. Full of adventure and thrills, Caelum is out of this world!
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1 Aleksandr   [Intrare]
. Logic says, don't waste your time.No, the only matter of imanotprce regarding those rocks which hold no spiritual significance by the way no hexes, no curses, despite what many people are saying I've said they're just ROCKS! is this: If you pay taxes in Arlington, no matter what Religion you've embraced and EVEN if you are unaffiliated, if the Wiccans and neo-pagan types admit to holding rituals and ceremonies at Caelum Moor as they did back in the day before they were removed ask yourself when the City plans on paying for any OTHER religious groups lights, mowing, fountains, etc. Already, the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #5 has authorized $910,417 for installation, lights, irrigation, trail construction and signage at Richard Greene Park (doesn't it strike anybody else as weird that the park was named after the man who had the things torn down 11 years ago? Think, people think).Please stop commenting on the goofy things I supposedly said in that Star-Telegram article. Jumping on the bandwagon is SO predictably dull. And stop entertaining thoughts and comments having to do with rocks being cursed. How juvenile! They're just ROCKS. God made them, in fact, and He made the sculptor, too.If YOU pay taxes in Arlington, YOUR money may be used on upkeep for a place the Wiccans already admitted to using for their rituals in '97. Then-Mayor Greene and his council AGREED in '97 why do you think they dismantled the things?? THINK! It was a Church n State issue THEN and there's a good chance it WILL be AGAIN. This is no longer my problem. I sounded the alarm and MANY good people from my old stomping grounds have already thanked me for opening their eyes. I still have MANY friends and relatives there. To the Arlington Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc this could wind up being YOUR problem as well. Don't be deceived into thinking this is a Christian vs Wiccan issue. It's not. Burke said, All it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing. Get ready. You might want to do something!If you don't live in Arlington, get a life. The issue is no concern of yours.Personally, I have no problem with neo-pagans and Wiccans. I've always said the nicest woman I ever met was a coworker who was a self-professing with. Besides, Jesus died for ALL people. Yes, God loves Wiccans! This is nothing personal, K? I appreciate anybody who's seeking their God. Seek and you will find.Watch that park, y'all! Especially tonight (Halloween). Anyone got a camera? City Counsil might appreciate that. Something wicked this way comes it's called Complacency.Every blessing to anyone who reads this,Michael

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